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Supported Living

provides supported living services to adults 18-65 years with mental health conditions , physical disabilities , learning difficulties or with autism spectrum disorder.

Zillah Healthcare

Our aim is to provide the highest level of care to our service users and work closely with them, their families and the health and social services to promote choice and independence amongst our service users in a person-centred way. We believe that the rights of service users come first, and their wishes and aspirations should inform how we deliver our care. Our mission is to offer tailored, holistic and independent living to all adults. This encompasses the underlying principle of service delivery by a highly skilled and dedicated staff team.

Supported Living

Our services is for adults who require community support and care living residential care or hospitals and transferring to supported living services.

Support whenever you need it

Our supported living care services are designed to support people with a range of complex needs. We support each person to live as independently as possible whilst helping them to feel happy, safe, and empowered.

Adult Mental Health

Zillah Healthcare, assists individuals with mental health disorders who live independently in the community, either alone or with family/friends.

Adult Learning Disability

We provide specialist services for adults who have learning disabilities. Our teams are highly experienced at supporting individuals with learning disabilities

Respite Care

We offer respite care for emergencies when feeling unwell, recovering or after hospital discharge, temporary care service etc.

Working With Families

We understand the importance of family involvement and we actively promote and encourage the involvement of parents, families, friends, and relatives in an individual’s life.

Mental Health & Well-Being Services

We’re here to promote holistic mental health and wellbeing. We’ve got mental health, as well as physical health services.

Community Support

At Zillah Healthcare, we have several places around UK where adults (our service users) who are vulnerable can go to get involved in activities, make friends and have fun.

Tailored, Holistic and Independent living

We want you to be as independent as possible, so we’ll do everything we can to help you see your own potential, get out there and live your life your way, no-matter what it throws at you.

Why They Choose Us

Commitment to quality

In each of supported living service we aim to deliver first-class quality care. Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do to ensure the service we provide is the very best that it can be.


There are a number of properties, which are intended to provide environments where service users are able to experience independent living in the community.

Social & Leisure Interests

We ensure that service users are supported in having access to their chosen social, leisure and recreational opportunities both at home and in the outside community.

Independent Living

Empower our service users to choose their support, involve them in the decision-making process of how the service is delivered, including all daily routines within their home.

Experienced Support Workers

We only recruit high caliber applicants and provide them with continuous support, training and upskilling.

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